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SEO – What It Means For Your Business

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the art and science of getting a website higher in the search engines.  Given that 91% of people only use Page 1 of Google, it is easy to see that having your website optimized for the search engines is crucial to your site generating leads from prospective customers.

In short, if your website is on Page two, it might as well not exist.

Further, about three-quarters of people only click the top three places so you need to be one of the Top 3 online in your industry to have a chance of growing your business.

How Do You Get To The Top Of The Search Engines?

There are five main steps to getting into the Top 3 where 75% of people are clicking.

  • Keyword Research

What are people actually looking for in the search engines.  Most people choose the wrong keywords, and to make matters worse, ignore the easy ones.

  • Analyse your online competitors

The questions you need to ask are how your top 3 competitors are getting those top places in Google. What have they done right that you are not doing?

  • Auditing your website

Building a website does not ensure you will get to the top of Google, among all the clicks. There are many actions needed to optimize a site. A site audit includes checking if you have the right keyword signals, is the content right, how images are managed, the load speed, and many more factors.

  • Optimising your website

Applying the audit results requires very different skills from a web designer or builder.

  • Linking your site to other websites

The web is just that: a network of interlinking websites. Links are so important that they are the biggest factor affecting the rank of your website. Getting links to your site, therefore, is a crucial step in getting your website where it counts.


Wellington SEOThere are many ways to promote your website including social media, Google ads, Facebook ads, adverts in other websites like news or sports pages.  The problem with all of these is that you do not own them.  They are also quite costly and are not as effective as SEO.

Many case studies have shown that SEO gives the biggest ROI of any marketing action.

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