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Why Are Jake And Elwood Blues Like Smart Business Owners?

Why Are Jake And Elwood Blues Like Smart Business Owners?

Many people know The Blues Brothers movie.  It’s definitely one of my favourites and my son’s too.  He loves the music as well as the car chases.  Did you know it’s one of the Top 10 grossing music movies?

Anyway, what have two fugitive, poverty-stricken, unkempt musicians got to do with smart business owners?

Good question, and the answer may surprise you.

Before I get to that though, for those who haven’t seen or have forgotten the movie, I’ll quickly re-cap the plot.

The two brothers, Elwood (Dan Aykroyd) and Jake (John Belushi), were raised in a church boy’s home before going on to become blues musicians in Chicago.  One of them is released from jail and the brothers go to see the nun who had raised them because they’d promised to see her when he got out.

They discover that the school is about to be closed because it owes thousands of dollars in city taxes.  Hmm, don’t we all love those taxes huh?

Jake and Elwood decide to raise money to pay the taxes so that other boys can have a home and basic education just like they did.  The problem was, how?

They had no jobs.  No assets.  And they had no money of their own.

Someone suggested they go to see a gospel singer, played by James Brown, to get some inspiration. It’s a great scene in the movie plus some fab music too.  A big gospel choir backing JB with Chaka Khan in the choir too.

As the choir and band are in full throttle, a light shines through the church window onto Jake with “hallelujah” resonating around him.

Then he said. “The Band.  The Band.  I’ve seen the light. Let’s get the band back together.”

And that’s what happens to some business owners.

No, they don’t form a blues band but they do see the light….. about their marketing.  Specifically, they understand the need to use the Internet for their marketing because it’s where customers turn for information about local products and services.

Being smart, they look at their own behaviour when they are looking to buy a new product or service. What do they do?

  • They turn to Google first to research the potential products and suppliers.
  • Then the probably look at a video about the product on YouTube.
  • Maybe read a review or two.
  • Look at some articles or case studies to get some background so they are better informed when they speak to the sales people.
  • Perhaps see what people on Twitter,  LinkedIn or other social media sites are saying about it.
  • Plus they know the Yellow Pages ads, newspapers and flyers aren’t working anymore. So why not use the same tools for their own businesses?

Now most of those that “get it” don’t need or want to know the ins and outs of Internet marketing. They don’t feel inadequate because they don’t understand the technicalities.  After all, they are experts at what they do, not Internet marketing.  They just know it’s the right thing to do because it’s the best way to safeguard the future success of their business they’ve worked so hard to grow and nurture.

So my question to you?

Have you seen the light? 

Are your own actions unique or are they typical of over 70% of the buyers when you want to finding local goods and services?

If you know that the Internet is the way of, not just the future but the here and now, then you might be open to some new ways to market your business.  You might want to try it before your competitors see the light.


Send me an email [email protected] or call 021 458089 to see how the light can shine on your business.

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