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If You Want More Customers, Good, Copy Is Essential For Your Website, Videos, And Any Marketing Content

Wellington content writingOver the year, we have written copy for many applications ranging from websites, blog posts, SEO posting, social media posts, email marketing, videos, and even capital-raising documents.

Most websites have boring, “corporate-style’ copy which doesn’t help your visitors find the answer to their problem. You know the sort of thing,

“Welcome to our website, We’ve been in business for 15 years, yada, yada, yada.”

That doesn’t help your visitor, and it certainly doesn’t help you.

It’s important to write in a style that reflects your personality. For example: For two clients, a husband-and-wife team, they operated two websites selling the same service. I wrote both sites and captured their “voices” to such an extent that the daughter said, “That’s the best thing you’ve written mum.” My client said, “I didn’t write it; Andrew did.”

Here are a few more comments from happy clients.

“This is excellent. Thanks Andrew. Genius.”  Cam Mathias Titan Meats

“Excellent work.  Thank you, Andy.”  Nigel Thomson Fifo Capital.

“We used Andrew to write copy for our website, to improve how we communicated and how we were heard in cyber-space. He pushed us to do things differently to what we were used to and it was a bit scary. But it was also well worthwhile. Andy did a great job.” Debra Dorrington  of Alexander Dorrington Lawyers on LinkedIn

“But my industry is different”

People say this all the time but the truth is that there are a few simple patterns to writing, whatever the industry. Remember, you are writing for people, and people generally buy from the same triggers.

I have written successful copy for lawyers, dentists, plumbers, builders, accountants, coaches, financial sectors, hotels, HVAC, jewellery, security, even dental components.

If you think your copy needs a refresh, for your website, print, blogs, or video scripts, give me a call on 021 458089 or email at andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.