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Keyword Research

Keyword Research – The Most Important Task In Setting Up A Website

Having a good-looking website is not enough to get you lots of new business. Your website has to be targeted at “keywords,” i.e. it must match the keywords or search-terms that people type into Google.

If you ask the majority of business owners what they think people are searching for when they are looking for a company like theirs, but invariably they get it wrong.

How Do Company Owners Have The Wrong Keywords?

Wellington keyword researchThere are two main reasons that business owners miss the most important keywords.

The first is they look at their business from their point of view rather than the customer’s.  As an example, one prospect, a commercial window cleaner, said his site was number 1 for his main keyword.

He was number 1 for the keyword he believed was the best but according to Google’s data, there was another keyword that generated twice as many searches.

The second problem website owners have is wanting to be Number 1 for the biggest search-terms.  That’s a great idea but all of their competitors want to be Number 1 for that too.

They are missing the easier keywords that they could target. To illustrate, if you want 100 visitors to your site, people target one keyword with 100 searches.  But it is much easier to target 100 keywords with one search each.

This second option also makes your business much more stable since if your site loses its position for one keyword, it still has another 99 supporting it.

This shows the extent of the range of keyword people could target which will have very low search volume but will be easier to be Number 1 for.

  • “insurance broker” for each of Wellington, Mt Victoria, Newtown,
  • “insurance brokers” for each of Wellington, Mt Victoria, Newtown,
  • insurance broking companies” for each of Wellington, Mt Victoria, Newtown,
  • insurance broker service” for each of Wellington, Mt Victoria, Newtown,
  • insurance specialist“ for each of Wellington, Mt Victoria, Newtown,

Then you can multiply that by specifying the different types of insurance.  Very quickly you could come up with a list of over 100 keywords with low online competition.

If you want to find out what easier keywords you ought to rank for, contact me 021 458089 or email at andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.