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Sell More With On-Line Wellington Video Marketing

Lights. Camera. Action.

Video is the main viewing tool on the web.  YouTube is a bigger search engine than Google – its parent.

People spend an increasing amount of time watching video on-line.  And it’s not all music, goofy videos, or pure entertainment.  Businesses just like yours can and should use more video to market your business.

It might be:

  • testimonials,
  • simple product demonstrations
  • FAQs
  • service help
  • product set-up
  • a whole range of ideas.

The idea of video sounds expensive doesn’t it?  Yet it needn’t be.

Wellington video marketingSimple videos like a Powerpoint with a voice-over or a quick shoot with a small hand-held video camera.  We aren’t looking for cinema-grade movies.  People want quick, simple, easy to use information.

Videos like this work a treat.

The difficulty is in matching it all together, finding music and images you can use legally.

So to start marketing yourself, the way your customers want to use information… video… email me at

Call on 021458089 or email andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.