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Good Content To Improve The SEO Performance Of Your Website


The content of your website and the way you structure it, is one of the key factors having a direct influence on its SEO performance. Good SEO performance impacts the ranking of the site in the search engines, which has a knock-on effect regarding the number of visitors you will have to your site which in turn will influence the number of customers you get. So good, well-structured content is a vital element in the growth of your business.  This article shows you a few tips from a Wellington content marketing service on how to organise the content of your website to make the most out of your presence in the search engines.


Know Where To Use Your Keywords

Your keywords should be included in the main text of your page but here are other places too.  These include the title of the page (the bit that will appear in the search results), in your main headline, subheads too, (these are all technically known as h tags. They are h followed by a number, from 1, the biggest down to 6). Also rename an image with the keyword and also put the keyword in the alt-tag of the image. You will see this in the image upload fields.


The Length Of Your Posts

In the past, website owners could simply throw together a few hundred words and be almost guaranteed a good ranking in the search results. Not anymore.  That led to very poor quality, spam websites. Google especially, has taken big strides to force website owners to make better quality content.  One of their major updates called Panda, (named after one of their software engineers, not the animal), set a new standard in the necessary quality of articles and posts. Nowadays, depending on the degree of online competition that you face, 700 – 1,000-word articles are to be expected. In many cases, even more in-depth content is required to rank highly.


This certainly forces people to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise, and more importantly, keeps out spam websites.


You can, should, make your content interesting and useful, format it in a user-friendly way, and make sure you add headlines, videos, photos, and bullet points.


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Your Articles Ought To Be Unique

It can be tempting to use pre-written content that people sell. This is called PLR or Public Label Right content. Don’t be tempted to use it since other people will already have done so. Besides, the quality is ok but certainly not stellar.


Do Not Repeat Your Keywords

The technical term for the number of times your keyword appears in an article is “keyword density”. Again, in years gone by, you could repeat your keyword and it would force the page to get ranked at the top of the search engines. Google had another release called the “Penguin update”. This made people stop “keyword stuffing”, as it is called.  There is no hard rule but for best results, keep your keyword density at 3% or even lower. Instead use variations of your keyword. This will not only cover more search phrases but will also make it easier to read.


External or Outbound Links

These are links to key websites on your topic. For example, if your page is about taxation, then a link to the IRD makes sense, especially if you choose the relevant tax you are writing about.


The reason to do this is so that it gives the reader the opportunity to get even deeper information on your topic. As a result, Google sees that your page is referencing key sites about your topic and so understands that you are trying to give better information to your audience.


Use Internal Linking

Internal links are words or images that you can click to take you to another page in your website. Good internal linking will actually help your site to go up the search results. Again, do not over-use your main keyword, but vary the words you use.


Content Structure For Better SEO Results

As you can see there are numerous factors involved in making your content not only useful for your audience, but for the search engines too. It is undoubtedly a complex, and ever-changing issue, one which few people have time to manage.


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