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Are You Getting Any Business From Your Website?

Too often people over-complicate their website. They spend time and money agonising over the “right” shade of a colour or the exact position of an image. Frankly, that is not important. The key points for a web-page are:

  • The problem your prospects face
  • The issues from not solving the problem
  • The answer (you)
  • Call-to-action – how to get in touch with you.

Wellington websitesWe make small, simple websites which serve this purpose so you can get your message across. If you want custom-design, we do not do that but we have worked with some very good web-designers over the years so we can introduce you to them but for most small business websites, we can help you so call on 021 458089 or email andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.

Images and colours can make the page more attractive but don’t spend long on that part because you need money to promote your page so people can find it. There is no point in having the best looking site if no-one can find it. So after accepting that you only need a simple website with a strong message, make sure to allocate budget to your SEO or PPC advertising so you can get in front of your prospects.