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Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation – Giving Your Site A Chance

Having a beautiful website doesn’t guarantee you will get plenty of new orders.  In fact, there is a good chance that you won’t.  You need website optimisation to even have a chance of getting amongst the top businesses online.

What Is Website Optimisation?

There are lots of factors that make a website work, or not.  These include:-

Titles and Descriptions. There is a Title and Description for each page and post in your site, or at least there should be.  These are crucial because they tell the search engines what that page is about so it can be shown in the search results.  They also tell searchers what the page is about too as they show in the search results.

Website optimisation

Images. Most web developers upload images with the title produced by the camera or the image company.  Optimising your images is a ranking factor. Further, well-optimised images can also appear in the Image search results.

Content. Google wants to show pages that have good quality and valuable content. 200 words of generic content isn’t going to work these days. For a page to rank highly, it must provide EAT – Expertise, Authority, and Trust.  Your customers will thank you too for good material.

Load Speed. The loading speed of a website is now a ranking factor. How many times have you backed out of a site because it took too long to load?  Your customers will do the same if your site is slow loading. The collection of six factors is known as the Core Web Vitals (CWV). Get yours checked here. If you aren’t scoring As, get in touch with me.

There are other factors to include in a website audit but if you are concerned about your site, get in touch here 021 458089 or email andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.