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Legal Stuff

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Many testimonials have been gathered by Andrew Haddleton.  Some refer to previous work done by him in other companies.
Endorsers are not paid for their testimonials, however they are also permitted to act as affiliates and may receive a commission in the event they referred you directly to our site prior to a purchase.
Testimonials do not represent what the typical GIG Internet Marketing customer will achieve.
There are many factors and risks involved in business beyond our control and some customers do lose money even with our services.

While all attempts have been made to verify information provided, neither Andrew Haddleton nor GIG Internet Marketing assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or contrary interpretation on the subject matter herein.
Andrew Haddleton and GIG Internet Marketing are not responsible for the accuracy of any data contained within the websites, documents, nor any interpretations of any data whatsoever.

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No guarantees of income are made.

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Guarantee and search engine rankings

It is not possible to guarantee any position in any search engines.  If any SEO provider offers you a guaranteed position, run away fast.  They are lying.

We do though guarantee that we will work with our best intentions and with integrity.  We will offer our best advice based on the current knowledge and best practice.  However the search engines regularly change their ranking methodologies often without telling people.  We endeavour to keep as well informed as possible and will use our latest knowledge for our clients.

We will not work with a direct competitor while we are trading with you.  However, we also have to make a living so if a client goes dormant and another prospect comes along, we will discuss the future options with all sides to arrive at a fair outcome for as many parties as possible.