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Why back-links are your route to online success – Wellington Digital Marketing Agency

Five Features of a Good Back-link for Your Website

Wellington SEO backlinksThe craft of getting websites higher in Google is called search engine optimisation. It is the result of many factors, Google say 200 or more. But what is undeniable is that one of the key factors is when other sites link to your site or even better to different pages in your site. We have all seen them, the usually blue text which you click then it takes you to another page or website. These links are called backlinks, and any Wellington digital marketing agency or SEO person will be working hard to get more and better backlinks to your site.

If a backlink is so important to getting your website ranked in Google, what makes a good backlink? Here are five factors that make a good backlink.

1) Good backlinks come from a high-ranked site

Google and other agencies allocate different scales to assess the quality of a site. Linking from any site is a bit like a funnel i.e. a small part of the value of the top-rated site trickles down to the lower-rated site. That in turn says to Google,”If the top site thinks it’s worth linking to the second site, then we should give it credit too.” It’s a bit like being seen with a celebrity. Some of their status rubs off on the other people seen with them.

World famous sites like Amazon, BBC, NY Times etc have among the highest ratings.
So if a top site is linking to a lower site, then the second site will be some credit for having a link form the top site.

It is better to have one link from a top-rated site than lots of links from lower-rated ones. With backlinks, quality definitely rules of quantity.

2) Link the right way

backlinksThe words that are used for the link text are called “anchor text”. It used to be that if your target search-terms, say you want to be found for “Wellington digital marketing agency”, then you would try to get links from sites using that exact phrase. However, Google got wise to that and now if that phrase is used too many times, the search engines regard it as spamming your desired search-term and if fact will down-rate your site. So nowadays, you have to be very careful about the number of times you get backlinks using your target ranked phrases.

Instead, you can use a range of similar search terms, like, “Wellington digital marketing,” or “Wellington online marketing”, and it will dilute the frequency of the link text but still be relevant.

Also, use your brand name and the domain name itself as anchor text.

3) Be in for the long-haul

When you get a link to your site, you want that link to stay in place to keep giving your ranking power. Therefore, make sure that any links you get are with sites that have longevity.

Now clearly you can’t see into the future but at least think is a website or a business likely to be still operating in a few years time.

4) A Good backlink is relevant

In the industry jargon, you want your anchor text links to be contextual. That means that if there is an article about paddle boards, but your link is “digital marketing agency”, it is not very relevant. But if you can get an article published on a business website, marketing is likely to be relevant to your target market.

5) Active sites rule

Wellington digital marketing agencyHave you ever seen a site that looks so old or the last posting was from 2014? I say these sites are “gathering digital dust.” It is not surprising therefore that a link from a site which is active, where the web owners are adding content, and keeping it fresh, is going to be more useful than a dusty old site that no-one cares about.

Another reason to get links from active sites is that Google “crawls” sites where there Is new content so that it can rank it in it’s search engine. If a site has not been active for a long time, then Google will ignore it since it wants to deliver good and new content to its searchers.

Summing up a good backlink – Digital Marketing Agency

Good backlinks are essential to getting your website ranked higher in Google which means more people will see your site. To do that, you must get links from top-rated sites, using the correct words to link, from sites with a likely long-life, which is relevant to your topic, and is an active site.

If you would like help from a Wellington digital marketing agency to get your website ranked higher in Google but don’t know where to start, please contact me on 021 458089 or andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.

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