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Wellington SEO Success With Back-links Campaigns

Five Tips On How To Structure Your Backlinking Campaign

Wellington SEOMany business owners want to get their website to the top of Google so they can get more visitors, and hopefully more customers. One key way of doing this is to build or generate backlinks from other websites to your site. Two things that are important to know are, how many backlinks to you need, and how fast should they be building them. Since the search engines are using the backlinks as one way to determine the ranking of a website, many are tempted to rush in and obtain as many backlinks as possible for their website. However, a common mistake is building too many backlinks and also going at it too fast. This often results in Google disregarding the links or worse, even de-ranking a site.


Below are some important tips you can use for your own backlinking campaign:


  1. In general build your backlinks slowly. This is important when your site is still new as building 1,000 backlinks or more to a new site will send a warning signal to Google. It is very unlikely that a new site will have so many links, although it does vary from industry to industry.


  1. The rate that you are building backlinks at or, the link velocity as it is known, will depend on your keyword competitiveness, and your industry. An example a local business that operates in a large city such as Auckland or Wellington will always have a lot more competition online than a business situated in a small town like Whangarei. However, because many of the search terms locally are not as nearly competitive as other marketing keywords on the Internet, a few backlinks every week is probably more than enough.


  1. When you build backlinks, your anchor text or the linking text, needs to combine the URL of the website, your brand, and your keyword. This split varies but a good ratio is 30-40% URL, 30-40% brand, and just and 20-40% keywords. If the site has two keywords you can choose to split your anchor text across those different keywords. The key is to not have too many of your keywords.


  1. Look to get a variety of backlinks. These can come from different sources such as industry associations, social media sites, business directories, press releases, and other key websites. It is a good idea to see where your competitors are getting their links from and emulate them.


  1. Tracking your backlinks to create a list for every URL of your website will help you measure the proportion of anchor texts with your brand, domain, and keywords. where you have created links on. This assists you in many ways which include:


– You know which of the sites have been used already for backlinks to avoid duplicating the backlinks.


– You have a list of your backlink sources to use for other projects.


– This list can be used for creating a 2nd-layer of backlinks. This is other backlinks which point to your initial backlinks which will help your initial backlinks into getting indexed faster.


If you need any help getting your website higher in Google, call us on 021458089 for a no-obligation chat.

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