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Wellington SEO – Keyword Research

Wellington SEO – Keyword Research for Your Local Business Website

Google searchThe basis of a successful website is detailed, careful keyword research. You can then use this for on-page and off-page SEO. Do it wrong and your online marketing efforts will be a waste. Do it right and you will get higher search engine rankings, a lot more traffic, and better business. Good keyword research gives you an edge over the competition. Bad keyword research leaves you financially bereft even after months of diligent efforts. Here are some keyword research tips I use in my Wellington SEO agency for all my clients.


1 Think Of Multiple Combinations Of Keyword

The first step in researching keywords is to brainstorm different ways of describing your business. Most local companies use combinations of:


Your profession or service e.g. dentist, cleaner, accountant

Use plurals – dentists, cleaners, accountants

Verbs describing your service – dentistry, cleaning, accounting,

Types of service offered – fillings, house cleaning, tax returns

Your geographical location – the suburb, town, region, city, or postcode of your business


Create a spreadsheet with three columns:

The service, business descriptions, locality. Combine the words to make multiple versions.

For example, a villa renovation builder in Wellington,


  • “villa renovation builder” for each of Wellington, Karori, Khandallah, Ngaio, Te Aro etc.
  • “villa renovation builders” for each of Wellington, Karori, Khandallah, Ngaio, Te Aro etc
  • villa renovation building companies” for each of Wellington, Karori, Khandallah, Ngaio, Te Aro etc.
  • villa renovations” for each of Wellington, Karori, Khandallah, Ngaio, Te Aro etc.
  • villa renovation specialist“ for each of Wellington, Karori, Khandallah, Ngaio, Te Aro etc.


So very quickly you can go from one keyword, “villa renovation builder in Wellington” to 25 just from that list above. You can easily make a list of 100 or more keywords.


These search-terms are known as Longtail Keywords.  They contain more words per phrase but will have far less online competition so it is easier for you to rank your webpage on Google.


You can also use longtails to make more pages or posts on your website so that your website gets bigger quite easily. This can help to give a website what is known as “authority”. A bigger site is more likely to have good content than a thin, single page site.


  1. Do more research using the Google Keyword Planner

This can help you find keywords but it will also give you an indication of the amount of search volume for each keyword.:


  • The search volume or range per month
  • The buyer intent for specific keyword phrases


It can also show you keywords for competitors if you enter their domain name.


Often the search volume will be very low but don’t believe it. The Google figures are indicative, not accurate.


Not all of these will have a high search volume but even if you only get one search for each keyword, that is 25 searches you can be found for instead of just one.


  1. Keyword Research Tools

For some industries, there are hundreds of different keywords to use. It can save a lot of time if you use a keyword research tool to automate the process of finding the search volume for your long list of search-terms.


Wellington SEO Keyword Research Service

Wellington SEOThere are more detailed steps if you want to become an expert keyword researcher but these three simple steps will put you ahead of most of your competitors who don’t do keyword research.


Good keyword research does not guarantee you will get to the top of Google but it gives you a good platform to build the rest of your SEO and digital marketing activities.


If you would like so help finding the correct keywords that you should use for your website, give me a call on 021 458089 or email me at andrew@giginternetmarketing.co.nz.


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