Social Media, Or How To Make Friends And Influence People

Like it or not, social media is with us. For many, it simply amounts to the number of hours you idle away on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. For a few dedicated business people, they might spend some time working LinkedIn to generate leads or to build their profile. Some will even use the consumer social media like Facebook for building their business. But for most businesses and industries, social media is not the only or even best marketing solution for you.

Maximise Your Social Media Marketing Space

For most companies though, up to 50% of their social media profiles is wasted. The covers are rarely changed, and often they don’t have brand consistency across the different platforms.

But you can use this valuable digital real estate for your latest promotions, seasonal messages, and more. Go here to see how you can generate more sales from smart use of your social media real estate.

Social media can certainly have its place but this depends on two questions:

  • What are your objectives and,
  • Does your target audience interact on social media?

Just because you provide services to consumers, it doesn’t mean they will be looking for you on Facebook.  For business services, most people will still be looking on Google for a plumber, builder or accountant.

They may use social media as a reference point but probably not for a first port of call.

And if you are an accountant for example, do you need to be in LinkedIn groups with accountants? Are they going to be your clients?

Social media does have its place but you need to use it strategically and that means you have to have objectives and research before getting involved.

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