How to use email marketing strategically to build relationships and a marketing list

Email is often dismissed because it’s become THE standard form of communicating especially between businesses.

And many of us suffer from email overload.

Increasingly, we are not opening emails because they can be like the “junk mail” we used to receive in the post with no real benefit to us.

But ignoring email as a marketing strategy can be a costly mistake.

The key word there is “strategy”.

If you simply use email as a knee-jerk response or an impulsive blast to customers because “it’s that time again.” then you will simply annoy your prospects.

But if you use email strategically, you can build relationships with your prospects that will reward you handsomely.

3 types of email.

1 A planned broadcast is the usual type most people send.  This can be a regular newsletter where everyone receives the email at the same time.

2 Unplanned broadcast for a special announcement such as a sales, stock clearance, seminar etc.  Again, everyone receives the email at the same time.

3 Planned series of messages

Research has shown that 80% of sales come after the 6th customer contact yet 80% of sales people stop contacting after the 2nd contact.

If a new prospect expressed interest in your products or service, how do you communicate with them 6 times or more before it takes over your life?

An autoresponder which has a series of pre-written emails that are programmed to go out the same distance apart irrespective of the date that someone joined your mailing list. In this case, people receive emails at different times.

Imagine Jane says she is interested in your new super-widget.  She receives an email with a few brief benefits.

2 days later she has another one talking about the results happy users have had.

2 days later she gets another one with a recap of the benefits.

2 days after that she receives a coupon.

And on it goes.

But on Day 4 John also expresses interest.  He would then go into the same cycle but you don’t have to remember what day he is on, and which email to send him.  You’d go crazy after 4 prospects.

To see how an automated system can do all that for you and build relationships with your prospects, call on 021458089 email me at andrew@giginternetmarketing.