Without new sales leads your business will slowly die.

Every business must have sales leads. It is the single most important asset in your business. Even if you have a good selection of loyal clients, there is a natural attrition rate for example a client might sell their business.

It is also likely that you will also become better at what you do so you have more capacity or you take on staff, then you will have more mouths to feed. You will definitely need more leads coming in then.

But as we all know, you don’t get a 100% conversion rate, so you need to be bringing in more prospects than you are losing.

For many businesses, they have one-off or occasional clients such as a plumber, or car repair. For these, they must have new leads almost daily to keep their staff fully employed.

The big problem with most websites

Most websites are simply not designed to generate sales leads. They act as a brochure to talk about the company rather than attracting new prospects. You know the ones:

“Welcome to your website. We’ve been in business for 25 years and our staff is our most important asset.”

That doesn’t immediately tell anyone what you can do for them.

A lead-gen site must have a few specific things in place, and that is what we specialise in.

We have lead-gen sites in many industries in numerous cities all around the world. We create leads which we forward to our own clients who then pay us for each lead they receive. This can be very cost-effective for some people especially if they want to retain their main branded website.

Other people will find they can generate more sales leads by using online videos, others with online advertising, and yet others by using their social media sites more effectively. We analyse your market, and look at your marketing budget, then we help you allocate your marketing to where you can get the best return. There is no one cookie-cutter solution. Each business has different goals so their marketing needs will be different.

So, if you are interested in more sales leads, call on 021 458089 or email andrew@giginternetmarketing.