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Professional SEO Or DIY SEO: Which Is Better?

DIY SEO Or Professional SEO: Which Is Better?


The services SEO companies offer have been in high demand in recent years. Optimising your website for search engines for it to achieve higher rankings in the search results pages will undoubtedly increase traffic to your site, which will lead to an increase in the number of customers you get and, ultimately, more profits. While SEO is something that you can learn to do, in most cases, the most sensible thing to do is to hire a reputable and professional SEO company and let them handle this for you. As is the case when making most business decisions, seeking outside help will require some additional investment time and money wise. So, the big question you need to ask is: Is hiring an SEO company worth it?


Handling SEO on your own has some pros and cons, and most of them are similar to those you will get when you seek the professional help of an SEO company. We, therefore, advise you to consider the following factors before hiring the services of an SEO company.


Do-It-Yourself SEO

The Benefits


Optimising a website on your own will not only save you some money, but it will also allow you to learn so much about running websites. Apart from that, you’ll retain complete control and command over your site, which is a plus, especially if you are sensitive about how your information is handled.


The Cons


DIY SEO takes a lot of effort and time to learn the tricks and skills of how to properly optimize a site. At the same time, search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that requires regular managing and continuous maintenance. If you don’t know much about optimisation practices, coding knowledge, and search engine guidelines but want to increase your site’s ranking fast, then chances are you might be tempted to employ spamming tactics to reach your target. Search engines don’t like shortcuts and doing so could leave your site at the risk of being permanently banned.


Professional SEO By A Professional SEO Company

The Benefits


Hiring help from outside will allow you to maintain your efforts on the primary functions and core competencies of your business. You entrust the optimisation part of your website to a professional SEO agency made up of skilled and experienced SEO experts armed with the right tools, resources, and knowledge that you probably don’t have. The SEO company becomes your partner and helps you achieve the most of your investment.


The Cons


Hiring the services of an SEO professional can seem expensive but if you hire a reputable SEO agency, you should get a good ROI. At the same time, you will have to spend some time explaining your company’s goals and participating throughout the optimization process. Furthermore, you’ll still have to do some research to find and hire an SEO solutions provider that will provide you with services you can rely on.


Choosing An SEO Company


The next step after you’ve decided to hire a search engine optimisation company is to search for one. Reliable SEO companies are those with a positive reputation and which have some presence in the industry. You can start searching by visiting popular SEO forums, asking colleagues, or contacting website owners of the pages you frequently visit for recommendations.


List all of the SEO companies that turn up and take the time to research each one. Cross out those that have been reported to use spamming or black hat techniques, those that don’t offer all the services you need, those that charge more than what you can afford, those that do not respond to your request within 24 hours, and those that cannot provide any references. These are companies that are either not reliable or are too busy to offer quality customer service, or that just don’t fit your needs.


Cost is one of the most critical factors to consider when searching for an SEO solutions provider. Go for a company that’s worked with businesses that are similar to yours (size and scope wise). A company that has worked on concepts like yours before will be more likely to offer you top-notch services that fit your budget. Nevertheless, cost shouldn’t be the only thing to base your decision on when choosing a service provider. The company’s reliability should also be carefully examined. Requesting references is one of the easier ways to know/understand the firm’s credibility. A dependable and professional company won’t have a problem providing references. The relationship you’ll establish with the SEO company you hire will be a long-term one; as such, it is vital to ensure that you only hire and work with one that you’re comfortable dealing with regularly.


The pros and cons of do-it-yourself and professional SEO when it comes to your SEO needs will vary depending on your organization’s capacity, goals, and budget. Nonetheless, as long as optimization is done well, bee it by a good SEO company or by you, search engine optimisation remains to be one of the most effective means of promoting a business and generating better sales.

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