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Online Marketing – Is Chaos the New Normal?

Is chaos is the new normal?


Almost everyday I talk to clients and prospects about their businesses. The frustrations they have.  The problems they want to go away.  The customers they’d like to come in.  But most, in fact a scarily large proportion, are just waiting. Waiting for some customers to turn up.


I thought it was my sales pitch that wasn’t working but speaking to other marketers around the world, they are all experiencing the same thing.


Prospects, clients, people in general are waiting for things to get better.


Well guess what.  They aren’t.  At least not for a long time yet.


And they will never go back to how they were.


I was chatting with my buddy, marketing ace, Brain Meredith from The Marketing Bureau a while back and we decided that this IS the new normal.  So accept it, move on and grow with it or live in denial and …. well, you can work out the rest of that line.


Yep, fragmented markets, cluttered minds, information overload, new technologies, new ways of marketing – they are all here to stay. And it will get worse.


OK, so having put the majority of my readers further into distress, what can you do about it?


First up, recognise that more opportunity comes from a major disruption than there was before it.


Second, more millionaires were created during the Great Depression than at any time before or since.


Third, realise that if you don’t grab the new ways to market your business before your competitors, then you will be locked out.  This isn’t like “old-style” marketing where anyone can buy an ad.  With the Internet, it’s possible to create barriers around your position and your customers so that competitors will find it extremely hard to get in.  First mover advantage is very powerful.


Fourth, there are so many options with Internet marketing, that you simply cannot understand them all.  I think it was Vic Conant who said it takes 1,000 hours of practice to become an expert. If you work full-time on only one of the techniques, that’s six months you have to commit without doing any work in your business.  Hmm – which business owner can afford that time commitment?


As I see it, you have three options.


  1. Carry on as usual hoping things will go back to normal.
  2. Reckon you can get to grips with SEO, mobile marketing, social media, website conversion, video marketing (that’s 2 ½ years full-time) while still running your business.
  3. Call in someone who has already learnt this stuff so you get an advantage over your competitors.


Which one will you choose?

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