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Digital marketing. It’s all in the follow-up

Marketing. How many times?


I was recently talking at a networking event about growing a business.


We where talking about the number of contact events needed to convert a sale.


There are a number of research programmes all of which show a scarily common pattern.  The more contacts with a prospect, the higher then percentage of sales that will convert. This is an example of the number of times needed to convert a prospect into a sale:


2% of sales are made after the 1st contact.

3% after the 2nd

5% after the 3rd

10% after the 4th

80% after the 5th contact.


But it gets worse.


Or better.


Depending on your activity. That is because the number of sales people who stop making contact is:


40% sales people stop after the 1st contact

25% stop after the 2nd contact.

7% after 3rd contact.

5% after the 4th contact.

3% after 5th contact.

20% after 6th.


Hmm – notice how it’s almost the exact opposite.


So, if you are persistent and consistent in your follow-ups, your chance of making a sale increases massively.  And the cool thing is, your presentation nor your offer needs to change, it’s just that your competition is lazy…. or scared.


Go and get your phone.  Start making some calls.

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