“When we started to work with Andy Haddleton at GIG, our website had a single entry in Google way down on page 18.  On top of that, the copy on the pages was a bit dry.

Since he has done the SEO for our site, we are on Page 1 for many keywords and our copy now has a bright, relaxed but professional tone – something that reflects how we like to do business.

On top of that, he keeps us informed about the frequent changes in Internet marketing and explains things in plain English so I understand what needs to be done.

He is more than just SEO and provides us with a broad range of online marketing ideas and encourages us, in his easy –going style, to be more confident about marketing especially on the Web.

I would thoroughly recommend Andy at GIG to anyone that wants to improve their marketing especially their online presence.  Any small business can benefit from talking to Andy.”

Carl Sowter, Owner Marley Loft Accountants www.marleyloft.co.nz

“Excellent work.  Thank you Andy.”  Nigel Thomson Fifo Capital.

“This is excellent. Thanks Andrew. Genius.”  Cam Mathias Titan Meats

“The results speak for themselves. I can see an improvement in the rankings and the number of visits is generally 15-30% higher than a year ago. If you want your website to get found and bring you more business I recommend contacting Andrew.”   Chris Wadsworth TheFount.com

“…the level of increased traffic that is now being generated through Andrew’s optimisation.“  Peter Whethey, pizzazz.co.nz

“We used Andrew to write copy for our website, to improve how we communicated and how we were heard in cyber space. He pushed us to do things differently to what we were used to and it was a bit scary. But it was also well worthwhile. Andy did a great job.” Debra Dorrington  of Alexander Dorrington Lawyers on LinkedIn November 28, 2010

After hearing from very satisfied clients who had engaged Andy’s services I decided it was time I found out more.

I was pleased with the design of my website which I had used effectively as a reference point for prospective and existing clients. To date however I had only had one “hit” of enquiry from it in 12 months.

Andy took me through his easy to follow audit process then presented me with some options to enhance my marketing message and get me to page 1 of GOOGLE.

It was an effortless process for me then , as once I had chosen my options  Andy liaised with my website “hostess” to implement the changes, all done within the week. So it was seatback in the upright position and on with business.

The results were immediate with 2 new hits in as many weeks who were prospects looking for my specific services in sales coaching; both saying they found me at the top of page 1 on GOOGLE.

The value for me then was that converting the leads into business was quicker and easier as the prospects had already found their solution and for them it was just about meeting me to discuss how we would work together.

I would highly recommend Andy’s services to anyone who is similarly challenged in the marketing and technology arenas and are looking to optimise their website’s capability.

His service and delivery are efficient and effective and…he’s a really nice bloke!  Kerry Swan SalesCoachingWorx.co.nz

“Wow thanks so much Andrew. I just saw I was on the top list on Google for travel photographer, events & fashion. That’s AMAZING!” Gaye Gerard www.gayegerard.com

“As the importance of Local Search in the weird & wonderful world of SEO grows, Andrew is a talented specialist and a “BS-Free Zone”. He clearly knows what he is talking about and I would not hesitate to recommend any web owner or developer to talk to him if Local Search matters to them (and it should)”  Brian Meredith , Chief Executive, The Marketing Bureau Ltd commenting on www.LinkedIn.com

Fantastic 5min read for businesses wanting to improve their Google search rankings (#SEO).   Nice work Julian Smith – MYOB

I think you’re hitting the nail on the head, so to speak, with improvements to the way the site works, marketing, etc.  You really understand how this is supposed to work.  It’s exciting to find someone that understands it and can explain it so clearly.  I have a brick and mortar store & you’re right my competition is not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity that the internet offers – of marketing to internet users, of which there are a lot in Portland  Judith Huck www.classiqueflooring.com

However you have already proved your worth with what you have done for our dehumidifier sales.  Bob Smith www.thermo.co.nz

Wow!  I’m on Page 1 of Google in only 4 days.  Alan Combies, health practitioner.

Finally –  thank you, thank you, thank you, to Andrew Haddleton for making our website slowly start to get some amazing traffic and for fine tuning our content to increase search engine rankings.  For the technologically illiterate such as myself, it’s wonderful to finally meet a great geek who actually speaks English as well as html code. Maria Carlton Marukibooks.com

“You are a star!” Robyn Pearce www.gettingagrip.com – Author

“This guy is a compulsive innovator and aims for the unexpected spectacular result and gets it. Let him loose on a stale problem and he will apply his aggressive selling philosophy to email, website and other media with such originality that he will blow norms out the window.” Peter Webster

“When I have a marketing problem I can’t solve, I come to you.” Jerome Hartigan – Business Coach

I am in shock about the number one listing for the handcrafted jewellery………

Lori Trigwell     SilverStone jewellery (after two weeks).

Fantastic, mate! Nice copy – love to see how things progress. JP Maroney

We are crashing up Google at a rate of knots: This is all thanks to the amazing SEO work Andrew has been doing. Ann Andrews www.thecorpratetoolbox.com

“You definitely have a writing gift … so concise and clear. It takes me forever to get a few paragraphs out.” Candace

“I like you way with words.  Direct and clear.” Mikhala

I met Andy Haddleton of GIG (Get it Going) at a BNI meeting as was impressed with his obvious marketing skills and smooth delivery.  Since this time Andy has assisted me with a new website and it ongoing ability to successfully market my valuation business.  Not only does Andy have an engaging way with people but his advice and execution is concise and to the point so that any novice can understand the basics to have a web presence.  Presentation skills, computer literacy, punctuality are factors that give me the confidence to recommend GIG for all your media related web and optimisation requirements.  Rick Carnachan Auckland Valuations

“However you have already proved your worth with what you have done for our dehumidifier sales….” Bob Smith www.thermo.co.nz

“I got five new clients last week and four came from the website.” Bruce Stone Accountant

“The results speak for themselves. If you want your website to get found and bring you more business I recommend contacting Andrew. I can see an improvement in the rankings and the number of visits is generally 15-30% higher than a year ago” Chris Wadsworth TheFount.com

“Using the … tracking software, I can see we are getting roughly 1 genuine, new (positive) client contact (either phone call or email) per day. Keep up the good work” Brandon Cullen McVeagh Fleming