Andrew Haddleton

Online marketing consultant AucklandAfter a career of 20+ years in business-to-business marketing, where I was the European Marketing Manager for a Japanese multi-national, I decided to step out on my own.

I had an early interest in Internet marketing and how it can deliver a huge range of results for companies depending on their goals and ambitions. Careful research, planning, rapid execution and testing are the keys to success.

I have often struggled with the marketing direction I should follow as I enjoy both the analytical part and the creative, although not design. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was the natural answer since it requires lots of good analysis before you launch a website, something which few designers ever do. And once the analysis is done, then there is a never ending amount of content to create. That can be word-based copy, audio, images or video. So now I can satisfy both side of my brain. 🙂

In fact, I see my primary role as a translator turning the expert’s language (the business owner)  into the English used by prospects and customers. If you make this connection, then sales are a lot easier and the answer can usually be found through research and then from good old creative writing.

Using this simple method, I have been able to quickly and easily get not one but multiple Page 1 rankings for clients, increasing traffic by 300%, or reducing advertising costs by 200% or more.

These days I am focusing more on lead generation for people from my own websites so if you want a site built especially for lead generation, give me a call.

One of my deeply held beliefs is that anyone in business in any capacity should read Good To Great by Jim Collins. Here’s a link to an audio version so you can listen while you are driving.

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