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3 Simple Ways A Small Business Owner Can Increase Online Security

3 Simple Ways A Small Business Owner Can Stop Wasting Time Looking For Passwords And Increase PC Security At The Same Time

We have seen yet another major online security breach, this time at credit agency Equifax. This week I’ve been working on a new website, setting up a blog and integrating social media accounts. These two issues are linked because not only can big firms get hacked but people’s websites and social media accounts are often targeted too.

Anyway, one of the most difficult parts is ……..passwords for the number of different accounts you need to run.

At the moment you’ve probably got your on-line banking PW, a couple of email accounts, your Facebook access codes, your work email and probably a few more.

When you start to use social media, social book-marking, blogs and a whole array of other essential modern communications tools, it soon mounts up and becomes impossible to remember.

Unless of course you use the same PW for each account or the obvious ones – your name, child’s name, birthday.

Those are very unsafe.  You should not do it.

They are simple to guess, hack and crack. (Wasn’t that an advertising agency?)

So what can you do?

Here are three simple ideas to save you time looking for your passwords and increase your PC security.

1 The boring sensible approach.

Mix up lower case, capitals and numbers.

Even adding a single capital in a 10-character PW increases the permutations exponentially.

 2 The fun and personal growth approach.


How can personal growth increase your PC security?

By using positive affirmations for your security codes.  For example.

IamHealthy, IamHappy, IMustWorkWithAndrew.

You get the idea.

This has three benefits.

  • A less common phrase that’s personal to you.
  • Mixed case letters which increases the security combinations.
  • You frequently reinforce your desires or goals.

Cool idea huh,

3 The easy option wherever you are

You may have your PWs stored on your computer but you may not always be at your own desk.

The answer here is to use a product like www.LastPass.com.

This is a free service that stores your passwords online so you only have to remember one PW and can access them from whatever terminal you are working at.


Your responsibility and a disclaimer

These ideas do not guarantee your PC security.

No system is completely safe and you are responsible for the security you use on your system.  But these ideas are better than “yourname123” that far too many people use.

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