Why do you think Google and Facebook make so much money?

The bulk of revenue for these two online giants comes from advertising – Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising. This sounds great as you are only charged when someone clicks your ad unlike standard ads where you pay up-front irrespective of how many people even see your ad, let alone take action.

This is one of the big attractions for people. The other is that the ads are really easy to set-up.

The problem is to make them profitable.

The prices for clicks are rising; in some markets you can be paying $10 or more for a single click. So it doesn’t take long for your credit card to start racking up some hefty fees.

It all comes down to the quality of the ad your write and the keywords you are targeting.

I’ve seen campaigns where having a capital letter for each word or changing just one word makes a difference to the number of clicks but you don’t know until you test. And to be honest, testing is something most business owners neither know how to do nor can be bothered working on it.

Crafting profitable campaigns is not easy and for many industries are just not appropriate. But there are some good uses of PPC advertising such as keyword testing.

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