Marketing Experience for
Your Marketing Success

25+ years of marketing experience for B2B and B2C clients. Over 15 years working in online marketing.

GIG Internet Marketing in a Nutshell

GIG is myself, hands-on, personal service. I do have some hand-picked specialists that I work with for specific aspects so that you get the best service at great value.

Systematic and rigorous process were undertaken to identify, plan, design and execute the system and solutions to the current marketing issues that most consultants are experiencing. Each system we produce and products we release go through a thorough testing process so that our clients can enjoy the full functionality right away.


Planning meets

We don't just create marketing that provides you with functional websites or copy. We make sure that they are targeted at the right audience, are easy to use, and give the relevant details, quickly.

Marketing rather than design is the most important aspect online. This starts with researching your market, deciding the key messages you need to present an the offer you want to make. Good design, easy navigation all add to the overall effectiveness, but they are not the first consideration. Make sure you are in front of the right people.

Building Good Reputation
Through Proven Results and Services

GIG Internet Marketing has maintained a good reputation in the online marketing and search engine optimisation fields by producing results that satisfy our clients. Some want leads, some want sales, some want to reduce their marketing costs. Whatever you obejective, we can help you get there.